Introduction: How Travel Companies Can Use Educational Sales Funnels to Get More Bookings


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What goes into a truly exceptional travel business?

This five-part video workshop will show you exactly what leading travel companies are doing right now to consistently book more clients and grow profits.

In Episode 1, you'll learn what it takes sell to the 97% of potential customers most travel companies are ignoring.

“I'm glad I spent the time on this because it was very informative and spot on topic. It's also timely as I am about to hold a strategic marketing session with my team.”

Paul McDonald, Marketing Manager

Active Adventures & New Zealand Walking Tours

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Hi, I’m Max. I’m a co-founder and CEO at 10x Travel. We help tour operators and travel companies grow profits on autopilot using smart technology, without hiring more staff for your in-house marketing team.

Hello and thank you so much for requesting this free training series for tour operators.

This is a five-episode workshop we put together to share with you how dozens of travel companies just like yours have been able to turn their website visitors into thousands of dollars, euros and pounds in extra bookings over just a couple of months.

It's going to teach you how to use smart technology to find new clients on autopilot, so you can grow sales and profits.

The first episode, coming up in a moment, is a 26-minute presentation taught by 10x Travel's Co-Founder and CEO Max Hardy.

It's an introduction to the series, so if you're a little more advanced, you can always skip to the next episode by clicking the big blue button.

If you want things to move faster, use the video controls to watch at a higher speed, or use the clickable bookmarks and jump to different chapters.

And if you're not in the mood for video, the content also comes in slideshow, radio, and article formats - just scroll down below each episode to access those.

So I hope you get plenty of value from this training series. When you're ready, please click the big blue button below this video to get started with Episode 1 right now.

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This training is going to help you grow profits in your travel business.

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In this training, you're going to learn:

  • How to get the right visitors to your website.
  • How to get first time visitors to keep coming back to your website.
  • How to build trust and rapport with your prospects over time.
  • How to effectively ask for the sale when the time’s right.

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